February Mon, 2002

Governor Jim McGreevey’s State Budget Crisis Speech (2002)

Governor Jim McGreevey delivers a speech to a joint session of the New Jersey legislature on February 11, 2002 addressing the state's budget crisis. Coverage is hosted by Kent Manahan with analysis by Roger Bodman and Rick Thigpen. Michael Aron reports from the site of the speech, with reaction interviews with former Governor Brendan Byrne (D). Aron also interviews former Don DiFrancesco Aide Tom Wilson (R) as well as Assemblymen Louis Greenwald (D) and Joseph Malone (R). (55:44)

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January Tue, 2001

Governor Christine Todd Whitman’s Final State Budget Address (2001)

Governor Christine Todd Whitman delivers her final speech as New Jersey governor--a state budget address--on January 23, 2001, before taking over as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. The program is hosted by Kent Manahan. Following the speech, reporter Michael Aron interviews legislators Senator Bob Littell (R), Assemblyman Leonard Lance (R), Senator Bernie Kenny (D) and Assemblyman Joe Charles (D). (53:24)

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