The Eagleton Center on the American Governor promotes research and discussion on the varied roles, powers and legacies of governors in the United States

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Corzine Archive Forum: Infrastructure, the Economy, and the Great Recession

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Corzine Archive: Campaign Memorabilia from Governor Corzine's Senate Campaign and Both Gubernatorial Campaigns

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US Governors

This section includes interviews with former governors from other states as well as materials examining the role of the governor nationwide. This includes fast facts about U.S. governors, introductions to the study of the office, and guides to outside resources. This section also includes data and analysis related to specific issues concerning governors.

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NJ Governors

This section houses Major Collections for Governors Brendan Byrne, Thomas Kean, James Florio, Christine Todd Whitman, and Jon Corzine. Included are videos and transcripts of interviews and forums as well as relevant source materials such as speeches and documents.This section also contains research, history and analysis of the office of the governor in New Jersey.

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Video Library

This section includes our entire library of interviews, forums, campaign ads, and other videos related to governors. Interviews and forums include full written transcripts.

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