Inventory of Gubernatorial Archives

The Center on the American Governor has prepared this preliminary inventory of the status of archives and other collections of gubernatorial records in the 50 states with two objectives in mind. The more immediate is to assist current researchers with interest in specific states or governors but the second is equally important: To promote the future of gubernatorial studies by encouraging consideration of changes in preservation practices that would ensure greater maintenance of, and access to, the material necessary to fully portray, analyze and compare any particular gubernatorial administrations.

This inventory, which the Center believes to be the first of its kind, was originally compiled by Melissa Jane Kronfeld and Donald Linky. The objective description of each state’s current practices is supplemented by their subjective assessments of the material they found, with special attention to its online accessibility. While they identify numerous resources across the country for valuable information about past and present governors, they also found no uniformity to the way in which gubernatorial records are collected and maintained. Not only do standards and procedures vary from one state to the next but they are also applied inconsistently within many states, resulting in dramatically differing treatment of one governor’s administration from those of his or her predecessor and successor.

The Center encourages any feedback noting errors, omissions, information in need of updating or other suggestions.

Archives are categorized by general/national archives, regional and oral history archives, and state-by-state archives. National, regional, and state archives for the states Alabama through Iowa (alphabetically) are on this page. The index continues on a separate page for the states Kansas through New Mexico and on a third page for New York through Wyoming.

Note that individual links will take you away from the Eagleton Center on the American Governor website.

General and National Archives

National Governors Association
The National Governors Association provides significant information profiling the office of governor and current and past individual governors. These include biographical profiles of current governors and their spouses biographical profiles of past governors staff contacts for current governors an archive of annual state-of-the-state messages delivered by the governors published by sponsored by the Pew Center for the States and a searchable database of past and current governors by gender, education, prior employment and other topics

Library of Congress
The excellent Web site of the Library of Congress primarily focuses on individuals and events of national prominence including some governors, such as its collection of the papers of the Library’s founder, Thomas Jefferson (see prior summary for Virginia). A search for “Governors” produced 462 records, however, primarily of non-digitized books and articles in the Library’s collections with limited online images including photos of governors attending meetings in Washington and other locations. The site also includes its United States Election Web Archive for national elections in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006; for the 2006 election, for example, the site includes a selective collection of over 2,100 sites archived between May 31, 2006 and November 30, 2006 which includes gubernatorial election campaign sites.

Presidential Libraries
Some of the Presidential Libraries (which are under the administrative management of the National Archives) include materials relating to the gubernatorial service of those who previously served as governor, but others may continue to have their holdings in separate state archives or other repositories.

The Ronald Reagan Library
The Ronald Reagan Library’s holdings include 50 million pages of presidential documents, over 1.6 million photographs, a half million feet of motion picture film and tens of thousands of audio and video tapes, but the Library also houses other papers from his eight years (1967-75) as governor of California. A limited number of speeches and announcements from Reagan’s administration as governor are available online.

The Jimmy Carter Library
The Jimmy Carter Library also includes transcripts, some of which are available online, of interviews with staff, family and friends recalling events in his career, primarily focusing on his term as president but occasionally including references to his service as governor of Georgia (1971-75).

The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive – an online library – provides a search engine that allows researchers to search for documents from across archive catalogs (including, but not limited to, universities, state libraries and the Library of Congress) pertaining to the office of the governor. Website is easy to use and has helpful descriptions of available material.

State Archives and Libraries
State Archives and Libraries: “This website provides information about various archives, libraries and research centers available to genealogists, family historians, and local historians in any particular state. In most cases, addresses and phone numbers are provided, along with a brief description of the resources available at each archive or library.”

The Online Education Database
A list of digital archives and libraries from the Online Education Database for all 50 states as well as multi-state or regional archives.

Regional Archives and Oral Histories

Archives West
Archives West provides access to descriptions of primary sources in the archives maintained by the state of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, including correspondence, diaries, or photographs. Digital reproductions of primary sources are available in some cases.

The Rocky Mountain Online Archive
The Rocky Mountain Online Archive is a search engine for archival collections held by the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Finding aids, are available for twenty different repositories. “The Rocky Mountain Online archive is directed by representatives from the Collaborative Digitization Program in Colorado, the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming, and University Libraries at the University of New Mexico.”

The Oral Histories of the American South
The Oral Histories of the American South is an oral history project at the University of North Carolina which includes audio and transcript interviews with governors from North and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Western History Digital Collections, University of Oklahoma
The Western History Digital Collections at the University of Oklahoma focuses on the settling of the frontier and Indian culture and conflicts. It includes incidental references to territorial governors. The Duke Collection of American Indian Oral History provides online access to transcripts of interviews (1967 -1972) conducted with hundreds of Indians in Oklahoma regarding the histories and cultures of their respective nations and tribes.

Mountain West Digital Library
The Mountain West Digital Library is a portal to digital resources from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Hawaii. It provides a central search tool to identify sources in the various states, including nearly 2,000 records related to governors. It is sponsored by the Utah Academic Library Consortium.


Alabama Department of Archives and History
The Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) has an extensive digital archive with a search option that allows you to look for documents, images and other materials pertaining to the Office of the governor. The excellent search tool provides thumbnail images of relevant sources for prior governors. A search for holdings related to Governor George Wallace (1963-1967; 1971-1975; 1975-1979; 1983-1987), for example, identified a total of 233 items, including 133 Photographs; 33 Negatives (Photographic); 21 Correspondence; 14 Group Portraits; 5 Telegrams; 5 Studio Portraits; 4 Speeches; 3 Copy Prints; 2 Fliers (Printed Matter…; and 2 Leaflets. The materials include such historically important documents as the Governor’s May 13, 1963 statement reacting to President Kennedy’s sending federal troops to deal with unrest relating from civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham. The site also provides a ‘My Favorites’ folder to allow users to bookmark online materials of special interest. Overall, this site appears to have one of the most extensive digital collections and be one of the best-designed state archival sites.

Alabama State Archives
The Alabama State Archives also has a special online exhibit called “Lurleen Burns Wallace: From Childhood to Alabama’s Governor” which contains 13 photographs from the life of Alabama’s first female Governor. (Governor Lurleen Burns Wallace (1967-1968))

Alabama Mosaic
Alabama Mosaic, sponsored by Auburn University, allows searches for documents pertaining to the Office of the governor across twenty different digital collections including the ADAH (see above), the Alabama public library system and more than a dozen Alabama based universities.


Alaska State Archives
The Alaska State Archives is the official repository for district, territorial, and state governmental records for the State of Alaska. The site includes a wealth of information–much of it digitized–on governors of Alaska from 1884 to the present. The site is easily searchable and accessible to researchers. Holdings include a collection of approximately 40,000 items of historic Alaskan governors’ correspondence, digitized and available upon request.

Alaska’s Digital Archives
Alaska’s Digital Archives is a consortium of cultural heritage organizations that maintains selected digitized archival material. A search for “Governor” yielded pictures (for example, “Special license plates identify autos of the governor and members of Alaska’s congressional delegation. The Governor is presented the license plate by Dana Ingram of the Department of Revenue, 1959” and “Herbert Hoover addresses an audience. President Harding and Governor Bone stand behind”), memorabilia (including a pamphlet of speech “By Ernest Gruening, Governor of Alaska, 1939-1953. Alaska the United States Colony Keynote address Alaska Constitutional Convention University of Alaska, College, Alaska, November 9, 1955”), video clips (“Title frame reads: “Opening remarks of Governor Egan addressing a joint session of the Alaska Legislature”. Governor Egan evokes laughter and applause with his remarks; 45-second film clip, color/sound”) and a few documents, including reports, inaugural initiations and letters. The site links to member organizations.

Historical Collections of the Alaska State Library
This collection houses Alaska-based special and manuscript collections including selected letters, 1824-1826, concerning the Atka Division from the correspondence of Governors General, communications received with translations; Governor George A. Parks papers, ca. 1976-1981; Governor Lyman E. Knapp papers, ca. 1889-1894; Papers of Alfred P. Swineford, Governor of District of Alaska, and Agnes Swineford Shattuck, 1885-1931; Personal correspondences of the Governor Scott Bone Family; Governor A. P. Swineford Papers, 1869-1916; Memorabilia, invitations to Gala, Governors tea, dinner honoring governors, flag raising program, Governor’s Legacy Dinner videos, 2009 as well as a photograph collection that includes individual and group portraits; government activities, from 1959 on; Official portraits and views of Territorial Governors; the Governor’s mansion in Juneau and Photographic portraits of John Weir Troy (1868-1942), Governor of the Alaska Territory, portraits of prominent Alaska politicians and businessmen, and photographic images of peace negotiations between Sitka and Chilkat clans mediated by Territorial offices.


The Arizona Memory Project
The Arizona Memory Project maintain digitized archival material including executive orders from the Governor, (695 results), publications produced by Arizona territorial and state agencies (2035 results), state archives, including agency records from boards, commissions and departments, as well as executive, legislative and judicial branches from 1863 to the early 1990s and local records from county and city governments from 1863 to the 1940s (82 results). The digital library also includes numerous photo collections that can be searched thought for those pertaining to the Governor. Overall about 4,000 digital entries – the vast majority official documents – are archived online. Collections are also cross-referenced by format, year, and topic enhancing the ability to search for relevant material. Good, easy to use website.

Arizona State Library
The Arizona state library maintains the official documents of the state including the full text of Executive Orders from 1965 to the present and an online photograph database with over 600 photos pertaining to the office of the governor. The Library also has the collected papers of Governor Ernest W. McFarland (in office 1955-1959); James McClintock; Governor George Hunt (in office 1911-1919, 1923-1929, 1931-1933); Governor Louis Hughes (in office 1893-1896) and Governor Dan Garvey (in office 1948-1951) in their manuscript collection.

Arizona State University
ASU Archives houses an extensive collection of non-digitized government documents.


The Arkansas Studies Institute
The Arkansas Studies Institute building (ASI) is a joint project between the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) located in Little Rock’s River Market District and is the state’s largest free-standing facility dedicated to the study of Arkansas. The ASI building houses the CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies and the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture. Within ASI researchers may access papers of seven Governors, portions of which have been digitized.

The ASI building is also home to the Butler Center’s Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, an online source of information profiling the state’s heritage.

CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies
This site provides a research portal for information and documents on Arkansas governors, including Govs. Thomas McRae (1921–1925) and Bill Clinton (1979-1981, 1983-1992).

UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture
Carl Bailey (1937-1941); Winthrop Rockefeller (1967-1971); Dale Bumpers (1971-1975); Frank White (1981-1983); and Jim Guy Tucker (1993-1996).

University of Arkansas Special Collections
The University of Arkansas non-digitized collections include the papers of Governors Jeff Davis (1901-1907), Charles Hillman Brough (1917-1921), Sid McMath (1949-1953), Orval Faubus (1955-1967), and David Pryor (1975-1979)

University of Arkansas Digital Collections
Documents pertaining to the office of the governor can be searched for on the University of Arkansas digital collections. The collection includes a little more than 20 pieces of archival material for the governor including newspaper clippings, photos, the text of speeches and messages, and well as political and campaign memorabilia

The University of Central Arkansas Government and Politics Collections
The University of Central Arkansas has the papers of Governor Ben Laney (1945-1949) including “political papers, correspondence, speeches, photographs, personal correspondence, campaign issues, U.S. savings bond sales during world War II, Civil Rights issues, and many other important topics [from] 1942-1970.”

The Arkansas History Commission
The Arkansas History Commission has the non-digitized papers of Calvin Comins Bliss Joseph Robinson (1913-1913), Ozro Hadley (1871-1873), William Savin Fulton (Gov. of AK territory, 1835-1836), Uriah Rose; Tom Rerral; James Sevier (1836-1840); Harvey Parnell (1928-1933), Henry Rector (1860-1862), and Harris Flanagin (1862-1864), the family bible of Elisha Baxter (1873-1874) and William Kavanaugh Oldham (1913-1913) plantation records.

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas
The Encyclopedia of Arkansas website has a listing of every Governor with his official portrait and biographical information as well as links to further research.


California State Archives
Legislation enacted in 1988 now provides for the management and retention of Governors’ Records in California by the State Archives. This legislation added gubernatorial records to the California Public Records Act, including bill files, press releases, speech files, and writings related to applications for clemency or extradition. Most of these records are open to the public as soon as the governor leaves office, but a governor may restrict all other records for up to 50 years or the death of the Governor, whichever is later. Prior to this legislation, California Governors were required to preserve only a small group of records that were considered to be “public”. Most Governors, though not all, deposited these records at the State Archives. The first comprehensive collection of Governor’s records came to the State Archives in 1953 after Governor Earl Warren (1943-1953) left California for the United States Supreme Court, and voluntarily donated an unprecedented amount of his gubernatorial records to the State Archives. The Records of the Governor’s Office finding aid identifies the deposits made by each governor from 1849–1975 and is available in the California State Archives Research Room.

The Secretary of State maintains the State Archives, which holds the official non-digitized Governor’s papers. The Collection includes the collected paper of every Governor from 1959 to 1991, with the exception of Pat Brown (1959-1967) (at the University of California at Berkeley); Jerry Brown (1975-1983, 2011) (at the University of Southern California); Ronald Reagan (1967-1975) (at the Presidential Library); and George Deukmejian (1983-1991) (held by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University).

The Online Archive of California
The Online Archive of California provides free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than 150 contributing institutions including libraries, special collections, archives, historical societies, and museums throughout California and collections maintained by the 10 University of California campuses. Most material is non-digital, but a few documents have been published digitally. Archival material in California is extensive and includes official government documents, portraits, photos, newspaper clippings and other types of non-digitized personal and administrative documents. For example, Governor’s Office Records 1849-1974 (“Major collections of administrative records are lacking for all governors except Hiram Johnson, Pardee, Olson, and Brown; Haight, Markham, Warren and Knight”), Governor Culbert Levy Olson (1939-1943) letters to Fulmer Mood, 1941 June 18/July 24; Governor Jerry Browns (1975-1983, 2011) initial reflection committee records and the collected papers of Goodwin Knight (1953-1959); the official Papers of the Governors of Alta California, 1804-1846; Messages of Governor Edmund G. Brown (1959-1967) to the legislature of the state of California, 1961-1966; William Irwin papers, 1848-1877; Warren (Earl) Papers 1924-53, Portraits of California Governor James N. Gillett and his son, 1900-1915 (this list is not exhaustive). Excellent website.

The University of California at Los Angeles Library Center for Oral History Research
The UCLA Oral History Project has a series of interviews chronicling the life and career of Governor Ronald Reagan (1967-1975), including one with his brother. The Center also has oral histories on other aspects of California politics.

The Regional Oral History Office, University of California, Berkeley
The Regional Oral History Office at the University of California, Berkeley has a non-digitized collection of interviews from the Ronald Reagan’s (1967-1975) years in the Office of the governor.

The University of California at Los Angeles Digital Archives
The UCLA Digital Archives has a digitized collection of campaign literature from 1908-1939, with some material available from 1940 and 2000. A search for “Governor” yielded 54 photos.from its archive of the Los Angeles Times photographs, with over 5,000 pictures from a full 3 million sources online. Searches for individual Governors also yielded results.

The California State Library
The California State Library maintains the official government documents of the state. The Library has announced its desire to digitized the documents – a long term goal for the state library system – but has yet to do so. A listing of governors with biographical information, a picture, and the text of some speeches, are available at the Library’s “Governors’ Gallery.”

The University of Southern California Digital Library
The USC digital library has a digitized photo collection with over 500 pictures pertaining to the office of the governor

The University of Southern California Library
The USC Library maintains the non-digitized papers of Governor Jerry Brown (1975-1983, 2011), and the official state papers relating to the 1965 Los Angeles riots.

The Governor Gray Davis Digital Library
The Governor Gray Davis (1999-2003) Digital Library is apparently maintained by his current law firm, Loeb & Loeb in Los Angeles. It includes a biography; summaries of his accomplishments in specific issue areas; online press releases; speeches; and a calendar of his recent and upcoming public events and media appearances. This site appears to be the only privately-sponsored site found for an individual governor.


The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration
The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration has an extensive non-digital archive of governors from 1861 to 1975. The websites provides a picture, biography and a detailed description of the available archives (reports, speeches, oral testimony, etc) related to each governor. For example, Governor Alva Adams’ collection includes a picture of the Governor, a “Scope and Content Note (which reads in part, “The Alva Adams Collection comprises approximately 21 cubic feet of material spanning his terms from 1887-1889 and 1897-1899. There is also material from his several months as governor in 1905. Record series in the collection include extraditions and requisitions; correspondence; the Executive Record; reports; speeches and messages to the General Assembly; and a special series entitled “Oral Testimony in Recontest for Office of Governor”), a brief biography, a detailed bibliography of available archives, a “Series Descriptions” detailing the category or type or archival information available (which reads in part, “Executive Record: The Executive Record contains executive orders; appointments; legislative messages; pardons; extraditions and requisitions; honorary citations; and proclamations which were issued by Governor Adams. James Peabody’s (1903-1905) letter of resignation is also on record March 17, 1905; Extraditions and Requisitions: This series includes documentation concerning the surrendering of alleged criminals to a different jurisdiction for trial. Documentation may include the application for extradition, the warrant for arrest, and correspondence from the Attorney General’s office concerning the extradition; Correspondence…) and instructions on accessing the material from the state are also available on the site.

The Colorado State University Library
The Colorado State University Library has a digital archive relating to Colorado’s agricultural policy that has some materials, including pictures, a few public documents and handwritten notes pertaining to the Governor.


The Connecticut State Library
The Connecticut State Library houses the archives of the Governors. The website provides a easy to use chart of every governor that includes, name, biography, portrait, dates of service, residence, political party and a PDF guide to archival records, which begin in 1817 with Oliver Walcott, Jr. The PDF guides are extremely detailed and explain what information is available and where it can be accessed in the library. Some documents (like handwritten notes, legislative acts or pictures) appear in the PDFs, although the archives are not digitized in full. The archive also includes images of the Web sites of recent governors as they appeared while they were in office. Excellent website, easy to use.

The University of Connecticut Oral History Office
The University of Connecticut Oral History Office has three interviews with Governors Ella Grasso (1975-1980), and William O’Neill (1980-1991), but they are not accessible online. Information for obtaining the interviews is available on the website.

Connecticut History.Org
Connecticut History.Org, a CT Humanities program, includes articles of interest about former Connecticut governors.


The Delaware Public Archives
The Delaware Public Archives contains little digitized information on the governors other than basic biographical information and dates of service. For example, a search for Governor Nathaniel Mitchell contained the following description: “This Federalist served as the governor of Delaware between 1805-1808. He was born in Laurel in 1752, attended Old Christ Church, and is buried in this churchyard. Mitchell was commissioned as adjutant of militia 1775, promoted captain in 1776, and appointed brigade major in 1779. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress 1786-1788 and was a member of Delaware’s General Assembly 1808-1812.” Later Governors have brief descriptions of archival material including dates of material and types of material. Searches for certain types of Governor documents, like “emergency orders” or “coastal fisheries” allows researchers to see a limited description of the archival material available.

The Archives also has a small collection of 13“Historic Audio Selections”, three of which pertain to the Governor: Governor Bacon addresses the opening session of the 115th General Assembly (1949); Interview of former Governor Carvel by former Senator Roger Martin on voting problems (1996); Interview of former Governor Carvel by former Senator Roger Martin related to Carvel’s working relationship with Governor Bacon when Carvel was Lt. Governor (1996). The audio is available for downloading as an mp3.

The Archives additionally maintains an online digital exhibit entitled “100 stories” which chronicles, through photographs, the history of Delaware. There is not a search engine for the specific collections, and a researcher would be required to go through each picture individually via the website. One example included a photograph labeled, “To commemorate the opening of the new St. George’s Bridge in 1942, Governor Bacon and several other state dignitaries traveled in the first car across the new span.”


The Florida Memory Project
The Florida Memory Project, maintained by the State Library and Archives of Florida, is very comprehensive with provides detailed descriptions of available archival material, including over 163,000 digitized photographs from the Florida Photographic Collection. Each Governor is listed along with basic biographical information, relevant links, published materials and available archival material both at the state library and in other collections. The site is one of the few to include text profiles of major events in state history. The online catalog search option allows for categories of governor’s issues to be searched for, rather than just individual governors. Another excellent feature is text accompanying handwritten materials. Excellent website with attractive design and intuitive features for locating and viewing material.

The State Archives of Florida
The State Archives of Florida, part of the Division of Library and Information Services of the Florida Department of State, maintains the state’s official archives including the official records of the governor. Searching the Archives Online Catalog for governor yields catalog records for over 700 record series including reports, correspondences, proclamations, etc., from Florida’s first territorial governor to the present.


The Georgia State Archives
Georgia’s Virtual Vault, a section of the State Archives in the office of the Secretary of State, publishes extensive materials – including pictures and historical documents – that are fully digitized. A search for “Governor” revealed pictures, legislative documents, and diaries – all of which can be clearly viewed, in its entirety, online. Excellent website, easy to use.

The Digital Library of Georgia
The Digital Library of Georgia, maintained by the University System of Georgia, has a vast online collection that can be searched for documents and images pertaining to the office of the governor. The portal connects users to a million digital objects in more than 200 collections from 60 institutions and 100 government agencies. For example, a search for Governor “James Jackson” turned up 93 hits that included political cartoons and other historical media reports, official documents, photographs and letters. Categories of collections under the “Government and Politics” page – that includes diaries, photographs, newspapers and collected family papers – can also be searched for documents pertaining to the Office of the governor. The site also links to the Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive comprised of over 67,000 fully searchable newspapers pages from 1847 to 1922. Excellent website, easy to use.


The Hawaii State Archives Digital Collection
The Hawaii State Archives Digital Collection has some information on governors, including names and dates of service. Government documents also can be searched for those pertaining to the office of the governor on the Hawaii State Archives Catalog page. All of the documents appear to be public record but none are digitized, although instructions for obtaining the documents are available. Note that access to the digital collections is currently limited, as indicated on the state archives homepage.


Idaho State Library
Government documents, letters and pictures relating to the governor are available in the digital archives of the Idaho State Library.

The University of Idaho
The University of Idaho has a digital archive that spans more than a dozen individual archives. A search for “Governor” yielded over 200 results, including pictures, government documents and media reports.

Idaho State Historical Society
Idaho State Historical Society maintains a limited digital collection. A search for “Governor” yielded 61 hits including government documents, transcribed oral histories and pictures that can be downloaded in PDF form. The documents are clearly labeled and solid descriptions of what the document contains accompany them.

Boise State University Archives
Boise State University maintains a digitized collection of 75 pictures of Governor Len Jordan (1950-1954) with descriptions selected from the Len B. Jordan Papers located in the Special Collections department at the Albertsons Library.

The University of Idaho
The University of Idaho maintains non-digitized archives and basic catalog for Governor’s C.A. Bottolfsen (1939-1941, 1943-1945), Brazilla W. Clark (1937-1939) and C. Ben Ross (1931-1937).


The Illinois State Archives
The Illinois State Archives has the digitized and non-digitized the official documents of the state.

The University of Illinois at Springfield
This is a gateway to a number of resources available at the University of Illinois at Springfield including special collections, regional archives, and digital collections. A search for “governor” returns results in a number of the collections.

University of Illinois at Springfield Oral History Database
Although not directly related to the governor, the University of Illinois at Springfield has created an oral history database of transcribed conversations with Illinois residents during 1971-1991. These transcribed conversations give insight into what the “common man or woman” in Illinois thought of the governor and, in some cases, their interaction with the governor – either as staff in the Office of or as a voter in a more specific situation. A search for “governor” from among the transcribed histories yielded numerous results.

Adlai Stevenson Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University
The Adlai E. Stevenson Papers document the public life of Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965) as governor of Illinois (1949-1953), Democratic presidential candidate, and United Nations ambassador. The collection contains correspondence, speeches, writings, campaign materials, subject files, United Nations materials, personal files, photographs, and audiovisual materials on Stevenson’s career in law, politics, and diplomacy, primarily from his first presidential campaign until his death in 1965. There is an online finding aid to the collection, but no access to original source materials.


Indiana-Purdue University Library System
A fully digitized version of telegraphs sent to and from Governor Oliver P. Morton (1861-1867) during the Civil War are accessible from the Indiana-Purdue University Library System. 17 books are available for download in PDF form, but must be done so page by page. The books bear no description of what the telegraphs they contain but are chronologically assembled.

The Indiana Historical Society
The Indiana Historical Society maintains a digital database of pictures, documents, government and personal documents pertaining to the Office of the governor. A search for Governor yielded 348 results including, for example, documents and pictures.


The University of Iowa Libraries
The University of Iowa Libraries maintains a non-digitized archive of papers for Governor’s Clarke, George W. (1913 – 1917); Turner, Daniel (1931 – 1933); Herring, Clyde (1933 – 1937); Kraschel, Nelson (1937 – 1939); Blue, Robert Donald (1945 – 1949); Hoegh, Leo (1955 – 1957); Loveless, Herschel (1957 – 1961); Erbe, Norman (1961 – 1963); Hughes, Harold (1963 – 1969). Each Governor has listed a basic catalog of archival material and instructions for obtaining materials from the library. Documents include official government papers, personal papers, notes, photos, speeches, etc.

Inventory of State Gubernatorial Archives Continued