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Academic Research

The initial focus of the Center’s academic research effort is the Center on the American Governor Grants Program. The political science scholars listed here have been awarded grants by the Center on the American Governor to conduct research about aspects of The American Governor: Politics, Policy, Power and Leadership. The grants program, funded by the Rutgers Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, is designed to attract new attention to a largely unexplored multi-disciplinary academic subject area and to promote the development and dissemination of scholarly research on the role, responsibilities and leadership of the states’ chief executives.

We have to this point awarded two rounds of grants. The topics for these projects and biographical information about the grantees is available below. We are not currently accepting grant applications, but we welcome those working on academic projects related to the office of the governor to contact us at to be added to our database. We will then contact you if future grant opportunities relevant to your project become available.

In 2015, Palgrave MacMillan published an edited collection consisting of work done by Center on the American Governor grantees and edited by Eagleton professor David Redlawsk. The volume is titled The American Governor: Power, Constraint, and Leadership in the States.


Center on the American Governor Grantees:


The Determinants of Gubernatorial Vetoes: Spatial Models versus High Veto Configurations

Harden2Jeffrey Harden
University of Notre Dame



Birkhead2Nathaniel Birkhead
Kansas State University




South by South Asian: Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, and the Remarkable Rise of Two Indian Governors in Dixie

Kirk2Jason Kirk
Elon University




A Stranglehold on Power: Explaining Gubernatorial Stability in Iowa

Larimer2Chris Larimer
University of Northern Iowa




The Governor and Executive Branch Officials: Exploring Coordination, Competency, and Representation

Miller2Susan Miller
University of South Carolina




Governors and the Politics of Scandal

Nyhan2Brendan Nyhan
Dartmouth College




Economic Policy Outcomes and Gubernatorial Evaluations: An Experimental Investigation

Peskowitz2Zachary Peskowitz
Emory University



Dropp2Kyle Dropp
Chief Research Officer, Morning Consult




Common Space Ideological Scores for Governors in the 50 States, 1993-2013

Shor2Boris Shor
University of Houston




American Cicero: Mario Cuomo and the Decline of Liberal Politics in America

AmbarSaladin Ambar
Rutgers University





Governor Claude Kirk, Media, and the Politics of Busing

DelmontMatthew Delmont
Dartmouth College





Estimating Gubernatorial Common Space Scores in the 50 States

HallMatthew Hall
University of Notre Dame



WindettJason Windett




Judicial Decision-Making on Executive Power Challenges in the U.S. States, 1980-2010

JohnsonGbemende Johnson
Hamilton College




Gubernatorial Veto Powers and Legislative Coalitions

McGrathRobert McGrath
George Mason University



RogowskiJon Rogowski
Harvard University



RyanJosh Ryan
Utah State University




Unilateral Orders at the State Level

RottinghausBrandon Rottinghaus
University of Houston




Woodrow Wilson and the Pragmatist Tradition in American Politics

ThrontveitTrygve Throntveit
Harvard University




Examining the Role of Governors on Immigration Legislation and Policies

WallaceSophia Wallace
University of Washington



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