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Interviews with Dan Gaby

Dan Gaby, who died on December 10, 2009, was a former member of the Rutgers University Board of Trustees and the Rutgers Foundation Board of Overseers. Commencing a long career in advertising as a copywriter, he rose to become chairman of and principal with Keyes Martin Gaby& Linnett, a major New Jersey advertising and public relations agency. An activist Democrat, he led a coalition of Democrats opposed to the Vietnam War, co-chairing the Eugene McCarthy anti-war New Jersey delegation to the 1968 Democratic convention. In 1972, he finished second in the Democratic primary for the US Senate. He also was the chair of NJ Citizens for Byrne in 1976, and Citizens for Florio in 1989. In the 1976 and 1980 presidential elections, he was the State Chairman for Jimmy Carter for President. His interest in education policy led to his appointment by Governor Byrne to the New Jersey State Board of Education, serving as Vice Chair during the controversy over school funding that led to the passage of the first New Jersey income tax in July 1976. He was a former State Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Society based at Princeton University. At the time of his death, he was the Executive Director of Excellent Education for Everyone, a coalition of New Jersey citizens encouraging public discussion on educational innovation and reform, including support for expanded school choice programs through such measures as educational vouchers.


Interview on June 28, 2007


Interview on July 12, 2007