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Interviews with Bob Mulcahy

After serving as mayor of the Borough of Mendham in Somerset County, Bob Mulcahy joined the Byrne Administration in January 1974 as deputy commissioner of what was then the Department of Institutions & Agencies. In 1976, he was appointed as the first commissioner of the newly-created Department of Corrections, which was established by spinning off the operation of correctional programs formerly within the Department of Institutions & Agencies. In January 1978, at the commencement of Governor Byrne’s second term, he became the chief of staff in the governor’s office. He continued in that position until September 1979, when he was named as chief executive officer of the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority. After 19 years at the Authority, he was appointed in 1998 as director of intercollegiate athletics at Rutgers University, a position he held through 2008. Mr. Mulcahy is a graduate of Villanova University.


Interview on September 13, 2006Transcript available here (pdf)


Interview on January 31, 2007