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Interview with Sam Crane

Sam Crane was State Treasurer (1992-1994) under Governor James Florio, where he served as the Chief Financial Officer for the State of New Jersey. In that position, he managed the state‚Äôs $16 billion annual budget, all revenue collections and the lottery. He was also a member of the Sports and Exhibition Authority and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. Mr. Crane has also held several senior level government positions (1978-1991) in finance and policy development within both the legislative and executive branch. After leaving government, Crane served as President of the Regional Business Partnership (1994-1999), a private non-profit business organization devoted to regional economic and business development in Newark, principal of Crane Consulting (1999-2000), and Vice President for External Affairs of Maher Terminals (2000-2014). He is also part of Facing Our Future, a non-partisan group of former government officials who work to draw attention to the state’s fiscal well-being and recommendations for improving it.


Interview on December 22, 2014Transcript available here (pdf)