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Interview with Ron Chen

Ronald Chen served as Public Advocate under Governor Jon Corzine when the Department of the Public Advocate was restored in 2006. He was charged with providing advocacy for a number of specific constituencies, including elder citizens, persons with disabilities, mental health services’ consumers, and ratepayers, and was generally given standing to represent the public interest in legal proceedings. His areas of focus included eminent domain reform, voters’ rights, affordable housing, childhood lead poisoning prevention, deinstitutionalization of persons with developmental disabilities and mental health services’ consumers, and affordable energy for ratepayers. Chen served in the role throughout Governor Corzine’s term.

In 2010, Chen returned to his role as Vice-Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Rutgers School of Law—Newark and later served as Dean and Co-Dean of Rutgers School of Law—Newark and its successor, Rutgers Law School. In June 2018, the University Board of Governors bestowed on him the title of University Professor, with the university-wide privilege of teaching and conducting research and educational activities across disciplines and schools.  Professor Chen is also a Distinguished Professor of Law and the Judge Leonard I. Garth Scholar.




Interview on October 4, 2018Transcript available here (pdf)