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Interview with Robert E. Hughey

Robert E. Hughey is associate vice president for strategic initiatives of New Jersey Institute of Technology. He was previously president of Bay Street Partners, Inc. and Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. and director of investment banking at Printon Kane & Co. His government experience includes serving as Governor Kean’s commissioner of environmental protection and as chief of economic recovery, appointed jointly by Governor Jim Florio and the New Jersey legislature. He served as acting president of Atlantic Community College and as an assistant professor of political science and public administration and director of cooperative education at Stockton State College. Hughey earned his undergraduate degree at Gettysburg College and his M.P.A. at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. He is also a licensed professional planner in New Jersey and a frequent advisor to public and non-profit entities in finance, public policy and land-use planning.


Interview on August 12, 2010Transcript available here (pdf)