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Interview with Patti McGuire

As part of her three decades of experience in New Jersey politics and government, Patti McGuire served for three years (2006-2009) as deputy chief of staff to Governor Jon Corzine. McGuire was the key liaison between the governor’s office and the state legislature, including coordinating passage of the state budget. She played an primary role in the passage of Governor Corzine’s challenging first budget as well as in the development of a new school funding formula and the passage of a groundbreaking paid family leave insurance law, among other legislative priorities.

Prior to serving in the Corzine administration, McGuire had served as chief of staff to then Congressman Robert Menendez and as state director for then Senator Jon Corzine. She also spent time as a political advisor to Senator Frank Lautenberg and to Menendez after he entered the Senate. McGuire has also served political roles on a number of other New Jersey campaigns, including as statewide political field director for the coordinated Clinton/Gore and Senator Bob Torricelli campaign in 1996 and as coordinated campaign director for Jim McGreevey’s campaign in 1997. McGuire was also co-owner of Front Porch Strategies, a grassroots advocacy firm.

After leaving Governor Corzine’s administration, McGuire joined Princeton Public Affairs group.


Interview on July 8, 2019Transcript available here (pdf)