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Interview with Orin Kramer

Orin Kramer served as issues director for the 1973 Brendan Byrne gubernatorial campaign. After the Governor’s inauguration in January 1974, he was a special assistant to Treasurer Richard Leone. He resigned that position to join the Carter Administration, serving as associate director on the White House domestic policy staff. He is currently a general partner of Boston Provident, L.P. (formerly Kramer Spellman, L.P.). He was appointed by Governor Jon Corzine as chair of the State of New Jersey Investment Council overseeing investment of State government employee pension funds. President Clinton appointed him in 1997 to serve on the President’s Commission to Study Capital Budgeting, which was co-chaired by then Goldman Sachs co-chair Jon Corzine. He was also on the advisory commission on financial services and a coordinator of President-elect Clinton’s transition team on financial services issues. He was executive director of the California Commission on Ratemaking for Workers Compensation Insurance, vice-chairman and executive director of a special New York commission to study the liability insurance crisis and civil justice reform, and he co-authored the New York DeWind Commission report. He was a member of the financial institutions group at McKinsey & Co., Commissioner of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. Kramer taught financial regulatory law at Columbia Law School and was an associate with the New York City-based law firm of Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett. Prior to joining the Byrne 1973 campaign, he was executive director of the New York State commission formed to investigate abuses in the nursing home industry. He is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School.


Interview on May 18, 2006Transcript available here (pdf)