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Interview with Lucille Davy

Lucille Davy served as Commissioner of Education during the entirety of Governor Jon Corzine’s term in office. Davy entered state government in the administration of Governor Jim McGreevey. After advising McGreevey on education policy during his campaign for governor in 2001, Davy joined McGreevey’s administration as special counsel for education. After McGreevey resigned as governor, Davy continued in her role under Governor Dick Codey. In 2005, she moved to the department of education, serving as acting commissioner of education. Davy remained as acting commissioner after Corzine’s election until July 2006, when she was officially appointed and confirmed as commissioner. She served in that role for the remainder of Corzine’s term, until January 2010.

In 2010, after Governor Corzine left office, Davy worked as a senior adviser at The Hunt Institute, a national education policy institute run by former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt. In 2017, she joined New Jersey law firm Mason, Griffin & Pierson P.C., where she is of counsel.


Interview on June 26, 2019Transcript available here (pdf)