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Interview with David Rousseau

David Rousseau served as state treasurer in the administration of Governor Jon Corzine, capping off a 25 year career in New Jersey state government. Rousseau began his career with a five-year stint working for the Election Law Enforcement Commission before becoming the Director of Budget and Fiscal Analysis for the New Jersey Senate in 1987. After 15 years working in the legislative branch, Rousseau moved to the executive side in 2002, becoming deputy state treasurer under Governor Jim McGreevey. He returned to the Senate in 2006, spending eight months as a Senior Policy Advisor to Senate President Richard Codey, before once again moving to Treasury to serve as Senior Budget and Fiscal Policy Advisor to Governor Corzine. He became Corzineā€™s Treasurer a year and a half later and served in that position until the end of the Administration in January, 2010. Over the course of his state government career, Rousseau closely interacted with seven New Jersey governors: Tom Kean, Jim Florio, Christine Todd Whitman, Don DiFrancesco, Jim McGreevey, Richard Codey, and Jon Corzine. Since leaving state government, Rousseau has been a budget and finance consultant for the City of Trenton and a budget and tax analyst for New Jersey Policy Perspective. At the time of this interview, Rousseau was vice president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey.


Interview on June 22, 2016Transcript available here