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Interview with Carl Golden

Carl Golden served as press secretary for Governor Kean for eight years and as communications director for Governor Whitman for three years. He began his career as a newspaper copy boy for a paper in his hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania, later advancing to work as a reporter for that paper, and subsequently for four years with the Newark News beginning in 1962. He then joined the Washington staff of Republican Congressman Peter Frelinghuysen as press secretary. In January 1971, he was hired by Assembly Majority Leader Thomas Kean as media director for the Assembly Republicans. Later, he was a media strategist and speechwriter for Kean’s gubernatorial campaigns, including his narrow 1982 victory over James Florio. Following the end of the Kean Administration in 1990, he was named by Chief Justice Robert Wilentz as communications director for the Judiciary of New Jersey, then returned to the Governor’s office as communications director for Governor Whitman. He left State government in 1997 and is currently a consultant and strategist.


Interview on December 9, 2009Transcript available here (pdf)