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Interview with Brad Abelow

Brad Abelow served as State Treasurer under Governor Jon Corzine from 2006 until 2007, helping the governor draft and shepherd through the legislature his first two state budgets. In September 2007, Abelow stepped down as treasurer to become chief of staff under Corzine, a position he served until December 2008.

Before his government career, Abelow spent 15 years as an executive in operations at Goldman-Sachs. His career at the investment firm included positions running the Hong Kong office; running operations, technology and finance for Goldman Sachs in Asia; heading the firm’s global operations; and setting up the company’s corporate social responsibility program. After leaving the Corzine administration, Abelow founded a private equity firm investing in alternative energy. As of 2019, he is a consultant for the Century Foundation advising clients on the politics surrounding climate change.


Interview on October 29, 2018Transcript available here (pdf)