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Individual Interviews

Interviews – Alphabetical Listing

Brad Abelow

State Treasurer (2006-2007); Chief of Staff (2007-2008), Governor Corzine

George J. Albanese

Commissioner, NJ Department of Human Services, Governor Kean

David Applebaum

Policy Adviser and Chief of Staff, Congressman Jim Florio; Aide and Director of Policy, Governor Florio

Brenda Bacon

Senior Advisor to Congressman Jim Florio;
Chief of Management and Planning for Governor Florio

Raymond Bateman

NJ State Senator and Senate President;
Republican gubernatorial nominee against Byrne in 1977

Lawrence Bilder

Executive Secretary and Counsel to Gov. Hughes;
Law Division and Appellate Division Judge

Roger A. Bodman

Gubernatorial Campaign Manager for Governor Kean;
Commissioner, NJ Department of Transportation

Ray Bramucci

Commissioner, Department of Labor for Governor Florio;
State Director for U.S. Senator Bill Bradley

Michael J. Breslin

Former Bergen County Democratic chairman

Albert Burstein

NJ State Assembly Member and Majority Leader

Brendan T. Byrne

New Jersey Governor, 1974-1982

Emma Byrne

Press Secretary, Governor Florio; Director, Division of Consumer Affairs

Jean Byrne

Former wife, Governor Byrne

Tom Byrne, Jr.

Chair, NJ Democratic State Party;
Son of Governor Byrne

Timothy Carden

Commissioner, Department of Human Services;
Cabinet Secretary under Governor Byrne

Charles Carella

Executive Secretary to Governor Byrne;
Executive Director, NJ Lottery Commission;
Assistant Essex County Prosecutor under Prosecutor Byrne;
Byrne law firm partner

Bill Castner

Executive Director of the NJ Assembly (200-2008); Chief Counsel (2008-2009), Governor Corzine

Michael Catania

Deputy Commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Governors Kean and Florio; Environmental Section Chief, Office of Legislative Services

Ron Chen

Public Advocate (2006-2010), Governor Corzine

Anthony S. Cicatiello

Campaign Manager & Advisory, Governor Kean

Thomas Cochran

Special Assistant to Governor Byrne for healthcare and education on finance issues

Richard J. Codey

NJ Governor;
NJ State Senator, Senate President & NJ State Assemblyman

Richard Coffee

NJ State Senator; Chair, NJ Democratic State Committee;
Executive Director, NJ Assembly Democrats

Michael R. Cole

Chief Counsel to Governor Kean

Henry Coleman

Senior policy adviser, Governor Florio; Commission Chair during Kean administration

Robert Comstock

Communications Director; Executive Editor, Bergen Record

Linda Cooper

NJ Department of Labor & Industry; State Energy Office, Governor Byrne

Saul Cooperman

Commissioner, Department of Education, Governor Kean

Sam Crane

Treasurer, Governor Florio

Carol Cronheim

Deputy Chief of Policy and Planning; speechwriter; policy adviser; and Acting Secretary of State, Governor Whitman

Chris Daggett

Commissioner, Department of Environmental Protection;
Deputy Chief of Staff specializing in education policy for Governor Kean

Dan Dalton

Secretary of State, Governor Florio;
Chair, NJ Senate Energy and Environment Committee;
NJ Senate majority leader

Lucille Davy

Commissioner of the Department of Education, Governor Corzine

John Degnan

Attorney General;
Executive Secretary;
Counsel and Assistant Counsel to Governor Byrne

Robert J. Del Tufo

Attorney General, Governor Florio;
U.S. Attorney for NJ

Harriet Derman

Commissioner of Community Affairs;
Chief Counsel, Chief of Staff, Governor Whitman

Jim DiEleuterio

State Treasurer, Governor Whitman

Joseph V. Doria, Jr.

NJ Assemblyman, 1979-2004; Speaker of the Assembly, 1990-1991; Assembly Minority Leader, 1992-2002; NJ State Senator, 2004-2007; Mayor of City of Bayonne, 1998-2007; Commissioner of NJ Dept. of Community Affairs, 2007-2009

James P. Dugan

NJ State Senator; NJ State Democratic Chairman

Michael Dukakis

Governor of Massachusetts from 1975-1979 and again from 1983-1991.

James Edgar

Governor of Illinois from 1991-1999

W. Cary Edwards

Chief Counsel to Governor Kean

Jerry F. English

Legislative Counsel; Commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Governor Byrne

Barry Evenchick

Deputy Attorney General; Chief, Appellate Section of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice; Chairman of the Motor Vehicle Study Commission, Governor Byrne

William Faherty

President, NJ Chamber of Commerce

John J. Farmer, Jr.

Deputy Chief Counsel and Chief Counsel to Governor Whitman; Attorney General for Governors Whitman and DiFrancesco (1999-2002)

Fariborz S. Fatemi

Assistant to Governor Brendan Byrne, 1973-1979

Michael Fedorko

Chief, Governor Byrne’s Security Unit; Acting Superintendent, NJ State Police;
Later Commissioner, NJ Casino Control Commission

Harvey Fisher

State House reporter for the Elizabeth Daily Journal and the Bergen Record during Govneror Byrne’s term.

James J. Florio

Governor of New Jersey from 1990 to 1994.

Jamie Fox

Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Florio;
Commissioner, NJ Department of Transportation; Chief of Staff for Gov. McGreevey;
Commissioner, NJ Department of Transportation, Gov. Christie

Caren Franzini

Chief Executive Officer of the NJ Economic Development Authority

Daniel Gaby

Media Adviser for Governor Byrne;
Vice Chair and Member, NJ State Board of Education

Louis Gambaccini

Commissioner, NJ Department of Transportation, Governor Byrne

Hazel Gluck

Commissioner, Department of Insurance; Commissioner, Department of Transportation and Chair, New Jersey Transit Corporation, Governor Kean;
Co-chair of Governor Whitman’s campaign and transition teams, 1993.

Carl Golden

Press Secretary for Governor Kean

Clifford Goldman

State Treasurer, Governor Byrne

Richard J. Goldstein

Commissioner of Health of New Jersey, Governor Kean

Robert Grady

Communications Director for Governor Kean

Martin L. Greenberg

NJ State Senator; Political Director, 1973 Byrne Campaign; Assistant Essex County Prosecutor under Prosecutor Byrne; President, Golden Nugget Casino-Hotel; Superior Court judge; Byrne law partner

William Hamilton

NJ State Assembly Member and Speaker; NJ State Senator

Alan Handler

Counsel to Governor Byrne; Associate Justice, NJ Supreme Court

Chuck Haytaian

New Jersey Assemblyman, 1982-1996; Speaker of the NJ Assembly, 1992-1996; State Party Chair for the New Jersey Republican Party, 1995-2001

Harold Hodes

Chief of Staff, Governor Byrne

Edward T. Hollander

Chancellor, NJ Department of Higher Education, Governors Byrne, Kean and Florio

Michael Horn

State Treasurer, Governor Kean

Feather O’Connor Houston

State Treasurer;
Executive Director, Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, Governor Kean

Heather Howard

Chief Policy Counsel, 2006-2008; Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, 2008-2010, Governor Corzine

Robert E. Hughey

Commissioner, Department of Environmental Protection, Governor Kean

William Hyland

New Jersey Assemblyman;
Member, Board of Public Utilities, Attorney General during Byrne administration

Ralph Izzo

Senior Policy Advisor on energy, science and technology, Governor Kean

Sanford M. Jaffe

Assistant Prosecutor;
Chief, Appellate Section under Essex County Prosecutor Byrne

Joseph Katz

Media Adviser and Lobbyist to Governor Byrne;
Cabinet Secretary for Governor Hughes

Thomas H. Kean

New Jersey Governor, 1982-1990

Richard Keevey

Director of the Office of Management and Budget (State Budget Director and State Comptroller), Governors Kean and Florio

Jane Kenny

Chief of policy and planning, Governor Christine Todd Whitman; later served as Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs; regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Michele Kent

Commissioner of the Department of Human Services, Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Karen Kessler

Finance director, Governor Florio’s 1989 and 1993 campaigns; Deputy director of Gov. Florio’s transition team, 1989

Orin Kramer

Special Assistant to Treasurer Leone; Issues Director, 1973 Byrne Campaign; Chair, NJ Investment Council

Jeffrey Laurenti

Executive Director, NJ Senate Democrats

Richard C. Leone

Byrne Campaign manager, 1973 and 1977 Campaigns; State Treasurer

Leonard Lieberman

Business leader active in numerous New Jersey civic and political issues and organizations

Don Linky

Chief counsel to Governor Byrne;
Director of the Governor’s Office of Policy and Planning

Henry Luther*

Executive Secretary to Governor Byrne;
Executive Director, NJ Lottery Commission; Manager for 1977 campaign

John Lynch

New Brunswick mayor 1979-91 and State Senator 1981-2001;
Worked with Governor Kean as state Democratic leader.

Gordon MacInnes

Assemblyman & State Senator;
Assistant Commissioner, NJ Department of Education, Governor McGreevey

Amy Mansue

Policy adviser and Deputy Commissioner of the Dept. of Human Services, Governor Florio;

Harold Martin

NJ State Assembly Member; Bergen County Freeholder

Frank McDermott

NJ State Senator and Senate President;
Chair, Sandman Gubernatorial Campaign against Byrne in 1973

Peter McDonough

Director of Communications and Press Secretary, Governor Whitman;
Assistant State Treasurer

Eileen McGinnis

Chief of Policy, Governor Whitman; Chief of Staff to the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Edward McGlynn

Deputy Chief of Staff;
Chief of Staff to Governor Kean

Richard McGlynn

Public Utilities Commissioner, Byrne administration

Patti McGuire

Deputy Chief of Staff, Corzine administration

Kenneth McPherson

Political Adviser to Governor Byrne;
Commissioner, Port Authority of NY & NJ;
Chair, Hudson Waterfront Study Commission

Edward F. Meara, III

Executive Director, Mercer County Chamber of Commerce

Kenneth D. Merin

Deputy Counsel for Governor Kean;
Chief, Governor Kean’s Office of Policy and Planning

Richard Mills

Special Assistant on Education to Governor Thomas H. Kean from 1984-1988

Maggie Moran

Deputy Chief of Staff, 2006-2009; Campaign Manager (2009), Governor Corzine

Robert E. Mulcahy III

Chief of Staff, Governor Byrne;
Commissioner, NJ Department of Corrections;
Deputy Commissioner, NJ  Dept. of Human Services;
CEO, NJ Sports & Exposition Authority

Elizabeth Murray

Campaign Policy Director, Governor Whitman;Chief of Staff, Board of Public Utilities, Governor Whitman

Daniel J. O’Hern*

Counsel to Governor Byrne;
Commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection;
Associate Justice, NJ Supreme Court

Clinton Pagano

Superintendent, State Police, Governor Byrne;
Executive Director, NJ Motor Vehicle Division

Glenn Paulson

Assistant Commissioner, NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection, Governor Byrne

Steven Perskie

Assemblyman and State Senator;
Chief of Staff, Governor Florio

Stewart Pollock

Chief Counsel to Governor Byrne;
Associate Justice, NJ Supreme Court

Deborah Poritz

Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court (1996-2006) and Attorney General (1994-1996), both after being nominated by Governor Whitman
Also served as Chief Counsel to Governor Kean (1988-1990)

Barbara Roberts

Governor of Oregon, 1991-1995

David Rosen

Executive Director, Office of Legislative Services

Alan Rosenthal

Professor, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University

David Rousseau

State Treasurer, Governor Corzine;
Deputy State Treasurer, Governors McGreevey and Codey;
Director of Budget and Fiscal Analysis, N.J. Senate

Kevin Ryan

Commissioner of Human Services and Commissioner of the Department of Children and Families, Governor Corzine;
Child Advocate and Deputy Chief of Operations, Governor McGreevey

Alan Sagner

Commissioner, NJ Department of Transportation;
Finance Chairman, 1973 Campaign;
Chairman, Port Authority of NY and NJ

Michael Scheiring

Executive Director, Governor’s Management Review Commission, Governor Florio

Judy Shaw

Marketing Director, NJ State Lottery;
Chief of Staff, NJ Department of Transportation;
Chief of Staff to Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Tom Shea

Chief of Staff to Governor Jon Corzine

Patricia Sheehan

Commissioner, NJ Department of Community Affairs, Governor Byrne; Executive Director, Hackensack Meadowlands Commission

John P. Sheridan

Commissioner, Department of Transporation, Governor Kean;
Chair, New Jersey Transit Corporation

Jon Shure

Communications Director for Governor Florio

Don Sico

Executive Director, New Jersey Assembly Republicans, 1990-2002

David Socolow

Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development, Governor Corzine

Gary S. Stein

Chief of Governor Kean’s Office of Policy & Planning

Bruce Stout

Deputy chief of policy and planning, Gov. Whitman;
Executive director of the Juvenile Justice Commission

Candace Straight

Co-chair, Whitman Budget Advisory Committee;
Vice Chair, New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority;
Co-chair, Whitman re-election campaign

Jane Swift

Governor of Massachusetts, 2001-2003

Steven Tasher*

Deputy attorney general in the Department of Law & Public Safety

Lewis B. Thurston III

Executive Director, NJ Senate Republicans;
Executive Director, NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission;
Chief of Staff for Governor Thomas H. Kean;
Vice President, NJ Sports & Exposition Authority

Michael P. Torpey

Chief Counsel and Chief of Staff for Governor Whitman

Robert Torricelli

U.S. Senator, 1997-2003;
Member, U.S. House of Representatives, 1983-1997

Marla Ucelli-Kashyap

Special Assistant for Education to Governor Kean

Carl Van Horn

Policy Advisor and Director of Policy, Governor Florio; Transition Team Co-Chair and Policy Advisor, Governor Corzine

Stanley C. Van Ness

Public Advocate, Governor Byrne

Peter Verniero

Chief Counsel, Chief of Staff and Attorney General, Governor Whitman;
State Supreme Court Justice

Bill Waldman

Commissioner of the Department of Human Services under Governors Kean, Florio, and Whitman

Scott Weiner

President of the Board of Public Utilities;
Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection and Energy;
Chief Counsel in the Florio administration

James Weinstein

Commissioner of Transportation;
Chairman, NJ Transit Board of Directors; Executive Director, NJ Transit.

Christine Todd Whitman

Governor of New Jersey from 1994 to 2001.

John Whitman

Husband of Governor Whitman.

Betty Wilson

Assistant Commissioner, NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection, Governor Byrne; NJ Department of Human Services; Chair, NJ Pinelands Commission

Tom Wilson

Executive Director, New Jersey Republican State Committee (1995); Campaign Manager, Gov. Whitman’s gubernatorial re-election campaign (1997); Chairman of New Jersey Republican Party (2005)

Rick Wright

Associate State Treasurer and Chief of Staff, Governor Florio;
Energy Policy Advisor, Governor Jon Corzine

James Zazzali

Attorney General, Governor Byrne;
Chief Justice and Associate Justice, NJ Supreme Court

Carl Zeitz

Commissioner, NJ Casino Control Commission;
State House Bureau Chief, Associated Press;
Editorial Page Editor, Bergen Record

Ken Zimmerman

Chief Counsel, Governor Corzine

George Zoffinger

Commerce and Economic Development Commissioner, Governor Florio

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*The interviews marked with an asterisk were filmed in a format that can no longer be displayed for technological reasons. The Center on the American Governor is in the process of transferring these interviews to a new format. As they become available, they will be added to the site and the links on this page will become active. Transcripts are available in some cases.