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Assault Weapons Ban

Governor Florio and Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy at the Eagleton Institute on June 2, 2011


On May 24, 1993, Governor James J. Florio received the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s Profiles in Courage Award. (Read Governor Florio’s remarks at the award ceremony here.) In making the presentation at a ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Senator Edward M. Kennedy said:

Governor Florio might well have won this award three times — once for his courage in tackling the complex economic challenges of his state, again for his effective leadership on education reform and once again for his powerful stand against the National Rifle Association and the shameful failure of political system to deal effectively with the need for responsible gun control.

To celebrate the anniversary of this honor, the Center on the American Governor hosted a reception with former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy at the Eagleton Institute of Politics on June 2, 2011. This 22-minute video recording includes remarks by:

  •    Ruth B. Mandel, Director, Eagleton Institute of Politics
  •    James J. Florio, New Jersey Governor (1990-1994)
  •    Patrick Kennedy, Member of Congress (1995-2011)