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Governors and State Finance: Contents

Few issues facing the State of New Jersey are as important—or as challenging—as those concerning its fiscal future. With decisions and, arguably, crises looming in the areas of school funding, tax policy, pension obligations, and budget deficits, the state’s leaders in the coming years will face critical and complex questions.

The Center on the American Governor, with financial assistance from The Fund for New Jersey, has combed our archives for resources particularly relevant to understanding the roots of the State’s current fiscal situation. We have also conducted and added additional interviews and research to try to shed further light. Spanning from the mid-1960s through 2001, the materials cover a crucial time period in the development of New Jersey’s economy, a time in which the annual State budget grew from $590 million to $21.4 billion. While easy solutions to our current problems do not exist, we hope the materials highlighted in this section will offer useful perspective of the past—both successes and failures—to help inform the next generation of policy decisions that will shape our state’s future. We also welcome suggestions of additional material that would be useful to add.

These excerpts were collected from the hundreds of hours of videotaped interviews and forums as well as original documents and other materials on the Center on the American Governor website. All full interviews and sources are available on the site, at




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