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Governor Thomas H. Kean Interviews

The Center on the American Governor holds extensive materials documenting the administrations of former New Jersey governors. Each section contains video recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted with key administration members and others whose first-hand accounts and observations can contribute to public understanding of an individual governor’s record as well as, more generally, the office of chief executive within a state.


The following interviews pertaining to the administration of Governor Thomas Kean are currently available:

  • Governor Thomas H. KeanGovernor of New Jersey 1982-1990
  • George J. AlbaneseCommissioner of NJ Department of Human Service for Governor Kean
  • Roger A. BodmanGubernatorial Campaign Manager for Governor Kean
  • Michael CataniaDeputy Commissioner of Department of Environmental Protection for Governor Kean
  • Anthony S. CicatielloCampaign Manager & Advisory for Governor Kean
  • Michael R. ColeChief Counsel for Governor Kean
  • Saul CoopermanCommissioner of Department of Education for Governor Kean
  • Chris DaggettCommissioner of Department of Environmental Protection for Governor Kean
  • W. Cary Edwards: Chief Counsel for Governor Kean
  • Hazel GluckCommissioner of Department of Insurance and Commissioner of Department of Transportation for Governor Kean
  • Carl Golden: Press Secretary for Governor Kean
  • Richard J. GoldsteinCommissioner of Health of New Jersey for Governor Kean
  • Robert GradyCommunications Director for Governor Kean
  • Michael HornState Treasurer for Governor Kean
  • Feather O’Connor Houston State Treasurer and Executive Director of Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency for Governor Kean
  • Robert E. HugheyCommissioner of Department of Environmental Protection for Governor Kean
  • Ralph IzzoSenior Policy Advisor on energy, science and technology for Governor Kean
  • Jane KennyCabinet Secretary for Governor Kean
  • Edward McGlynnDeputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff for Governor Kean
  • Kenneth D. Merin:  Deputy Counsel and Chief for Governor’s Office of Policy and Planning for Governor Kean
  • Richard MillsSpecial Assistant on Education from 1984-1988 for Governor Kean
  • Deborah PoritzChief Counsel for Governor Kean
  • John P. SheridanCommissioner of Department of Transportation and Chair of New Jersey Transit Corporation for Governor Kean
  • Gary S. Stein Chief of Governor’s Office of Policy & Planning for Governor Kean
  • Lewis ThurstonChief of Staff for Governor Kean
  • Marla Ucelli-KashyapSpecial Assistant for Education for Governor Kean



The following forums have been conducted at the Eagleton Institute of Politics concerning the Kean administration:

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