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Governor James J. Florio Staff

The list of Governor Florio’s staff is not yet complete. Additions and corrections are welcome.

Chief of Staff
Steven P Perskie (1990)
Joseph C. Salema (1990-1993)
Rick Wright (1993-1994)

Deputy Chief of Staff
James P. Fox (1990-1993)
Samuel F. Crane (1991)
Joan M. Haberle (1991-1993)
Laura Sanders (1993-1994)

Counsel to the Governor
John A. Sweeney (1990-1991)
Andrew Weber (1991-1992)
M. Robert DeCottis (1992-1993)
Scott A. Weiner (1993-1994)

Deputy Counsel to the Governor
William Harla (1992-1994)

Counsel for Legislation and Policy
Gregory E. Lawler (1990-1994)

Chief of Management and Planning
Brenda J. Bacon (1990-1994)

Director of Policy
Carl E. Van Horn (1990-1992)
David Applebaum (1993-1994)

Executive Assistant to the Governor
David Applebaum (1990-1993)

Director of Communication
Jon Shure (1990-1994)

Director of Legislative Liasion
Diane Quinton (1990-1991)

Director of Appointments
Kurt P. Shadle (1990-1991)
David Scanlan (1991-1994)

Director of Intergovernmental Relations
David M. Del Vecchio (1990)

Press Secretary
Emma Byrne (1990-1991)

Director of Federal Relations
Stavroula Lambrakopoulos (1990-1992)
Lyle B. Dennis (1993-1994)

Deputy Counsel to the Governor
Ross A. Lewin (1990)

Deputy Director of Communications
Jo Astrid Glading (1991-1994)

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