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Governor James J. Florio Issues: Government Efficiency

Governor Florio’s Management Review Commission (GMRC)


GMRCFlorioGovernors often enter office promising to reform government by eliminating waste and operating more efficiently. Attempts to fulfill this promise can take many forms. For Governor Florio, the first step lay in establishing a new commission—the Governor’s Management Review Commission (GMRC)—that would, with the help of pro bono work from the private sector, undertake an operational audit of the entire state government. The Commission, which faced a number of obstacles along the way—among them differentiating itself from previous previous similar efforts and determining a public/private relationship that would be functional—also had many successes. While no one favors waste or inefficiency, efforts such as the GMRC are often forgotten, first as their recommendations inevitably come to sound bureaucratic and then as future administrations take office promising management reform efforts of their own. Nevertheless, it is worth chronicling the challenges and successes of the GMRC and similar agencies, as well as other management initiatives, to find lessons that may be instructive to future leaders seeking a good path to improve government operations.



GMRC paperweight; click to enlarge