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Governor James J. Florio Interviews

This section of the Governor James J. Florio Archive provides a growing body of interviews and forums looking back at the Florio administration. Most are available as both video-recordings and written transcripts. The individual interviews are with Governor Florio as well as key members of his administration and others who interacted with it. The forums are being convened to focus on specific policy areas, crises and other events that defined the administration and offer lessons for current and future politics and governance. Currently available are:



The following interviews pertaining to the administration of Governor James Florio are currently available:

  • Governor James J. Florio: This page contains three interviews conducted with Governor Florio.

    The first interview, held on August 6th, begins with the Governor’s entry into Camden County politics in 1963 and focuses on the period through the fall of 1989 when it became clear that he was about to be elected Governor of New Jersey.

    The second, held six weeks later on September 26th, picks up with his 1989 electoral victory and continues through the transition and Florio’s reflections on the major events of his term and his approach to governing and leadership. Michael Aron of NJTV is the interviewer.

    Finally, the third interview, focused largely on the administration of Governor Brendan Byrne, was conducted on October 9, 2008.

  • David Applebaum:  Policy Adviser and Chief of Staff, Congressman Florio; Aide and Director of Policy, Governor Florio
  • Brenda Bacon: Chief of Management and Planning, Governor Florio
  • Ray Bramucci: Commissioner, Department of Labor, Governor Florio
  • Emma Byrne: Press Secretary and Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs, Governor Florio
  • Michael Catania: Deputy Commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Governors Kean and Florio
  • Henry Coleman: Senior policy adviser for Governor Florio
  • Sam Crane:  Treasurer (1992-1994), Governor Florio
  • Dan Dalton: Secretary of State, Governor Florio
  • Robert J. Del Tufo: Attorney General, Governor Florio
  • Joseph V. Doria, Jr.:  NJ Assemblyman, 1979-2004; Speaker of the Assembly, 1990-1991; Assembly Minority Leader, 1992-2002; NJ State Senator, 2004-2007; Mayor of City of Bayonne, 1998-2007; Commissioner of NJ Dept. of Community Affairs, Governor Corzine
  • Jamie Fox: Deputy Chief of Staff, Gov. Florio; also served as Chief of Staff for Gov. McGreeey; Commissioner of the NJ Department of Transportation under Govs. McGreevey and Christie; and as deputy executive director of the Port Authority
  • Caren Franzini: Chief Executive Officer of the NJ Economic Development Authority
  • Edward T. Hollander: Chancellor, NJ Department of Higher Education, Governors Byrne, Kean and Florio
  • Richard Keevey:  Director of the Office of Management and Budget (State Budget Director and State Comptroller), Governors Kean and Florio
  • Karen Kessler: Finance director of Governor Florio’s 1989 and 1993 campaigns; Deputy director of Governor Florio’s 1989 transition team
  • Leonard Lieberman: Business leader active in numerous New Jersey civic and political issues and organizations
  • John Lynch: State Senator, Middlesex County 1981-2001; Mayor, New Brunswick, 1979-1991
  • Amy Mansue: Policy adviser and Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Human Services, Governor Florio
  • Steven Perskie: Chief of Staff, Governor Florio
  • Michael Scheiring: Executive Director, Governor’s Management Review Commission
  • Jon Shure: Communications Director, Governor Florio
  • Don Sico: Executive Director, N.J. Assembly Republicans, 1990-2002
  • Robert Torricelli: Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1983-1997 (serving with then-Congressman Florio and later during Governor Florio’s term); U.S. Senator, 1997-2003
  • Carl Van Horn: Policy advisor and Director of Policy to Governor Florio
  • Scott Weiner: President of the Board of Public Utilities, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection and Chief Counsel in the Florio administration
  • Rick Wright: Associate State Treasurer 1990-1993; Chief of Staff 1993-1994
  • George Zoffinger: Commerce and Economic Development Commissioner 1990-1991



The following forums have been conducted at the Eagleton Institute of Politics concerning the Florio administration: