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Governor Christine Todd Whitman Interviews

The Center on the American Governor holds extensive materials documenting the administrations of former New Jersey governors. Each section contains video recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted with key administration members and others whose first-hand accounts and observations can contribute to public understanding of an individual governor’s record as well as, more generally, the office of chief executive within a state.



The following interviews pertaining to the administration of Governor Christine Todd Whitman are currently available:

  • Governor Christine Todd WhitmanNew Jersey Governor 1994-2001; Administrator of the EPA 2001-2003
  • John WhitmanHusband of Governor Whitman.
  • Carol Cronheim: Deputy Chief of Policy and Planning; speechwriter; policy adviser; Acting Secretary of State under Governor Whitman
  • Harriet Derman: Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs, Chief Counsel to the Governor, and Chief of Staff to the Governor
  • Jim DiEleuterio: Treasurer under Governor Whitman
  • John J. Farmer, Jr.: Served as Assistant Counsel, Deputy Chief Counsel, Chief Counsel, and Attorney General under Governor Whitman
  • Hazel Gluck: Co-Chair of Governor Whitman’s 1993 gubernatorial campaign and transition teams
  • Chuck Haytaian: NJ State Assemblyman, 1982-1996; Speaker of the NJ Assembly, 1992-1996; State Party Chair of the NJ Republican Party, 1995-2001.
  • Jane Kenny: Governor Whitman’s first Chief of Policy and Planning; later served as Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs
  • Michele Kent: Commissioner of the Department of Human Services for Governor Whitman.
  • Peter McDonough: Communications director and Press Secretary for Governor Whitman.
  • Eileen McGinnis: Chief of Policy for Governor Whitman; Chief of Staff for the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Elizabeth Murray: Policy Director for Governor Whitman’s 1993 gubernatorial campaign; later a member of Governor Whitman’s Office of Policy and Chief of Staff of the Board of Public Utilities.
  • Deborah Poritz: Appointed by Governor Whitman as the first woman attorney general in NJ; First woman chief justice on the State Supreme Court
  • Judy Shaw:  Appointed by Governor Whitman as the first woman to serve as a NJ governor’s Chief of Staff; Commissioner of NJ Department of Transportation; finance chairman in Whitman’s 1973 campaign; and chairman of the Port Authority of NY and NJ
  • Bruce Stout: Deputy chief of policy and planning for Gov. Whitman; Executive director of the Juvenile Justice Commission
  • Candace Straight:  Co-Chair of Whitman Budget Advisory Committee; Vice Chair of NJ Sports and Exposition Authority under Gov. Whitman; Co-chair of Gov. Whitman’s re-election campaign
  • Michael Torpey: Served as Chief Counsel and Chief of Staff for Governor Whitman
  • Peter Verniero: Served as Chief Counsel, Chief of Staff and Attorney General for Governor Whitman
  • Bill Waldman: Commissioner of the Department of Human Services under Governors Kean, Florio, and Whitman
  • Tom Wilson:  Campaign Manager for Governor Whitman’s 1997 re-election campaign; Executive Director of the NJ Republican State Committee (1995); Chairman of the NJ Republican Party (2005)



The following forums have been conducted at the Eagleton Institute of Politics concerning the Whitman administration: