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Governor Brendan T. Byrne’s Supreme Court

Having served previously as a judge and prosecutor, Brendan Byrne took a keen interest in the judicial branch. As Governor, he made five appointments to the Supreme Court, and also nominated four justices for tenure who were originally seated under his predecessor, Governor William Cahill. Over his eight years in office, Byrne either nominated or renominated six of the seven justices who were on the bench at the end of his term, including Chief Justice Robert N. Wilentz.

Sidney M. Schreiber (2/28/1975 – 11/17/1984)
Robert N. Wilentz (6/10/1979 – 6/30/1996)
Alan B. Handler (3/23/1977 – 8/31/1999)
Steward G. Pollock (6/28/1979 – 8/31/1999)
Daniel J. O’Hern (8/11/1981 – 5/22/2000)

Worral F. Mountain (3/15/1971 – 6/27/1979)
Mark A. Sullivan (3/23/1973 – 8/10/1981)
Morris Pashman (6/16/1973 – 9/26/1982)
Robert L. Clifford (9/1/1973 – 12/16/1994



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