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Guadagno Campaign Song

Kim Guadagno is the first of this year’s New Jersey gubernatorial candidates to have a campaign song – We The People – written by the fine musician Pat Guadagno who is also the candidate’s brother-in-law. The Center on the American Governor hopes this will start a trend and looks forward to adding links to other … Read more …

Posted at 6:06 pm January 30, 2017, in 2017 Elections, NJ Governors

2017 Gubernatorial Races

Happy New Year! It is officially 2017 and the nation’s political attention–while focused on the President Obama-to-Trump transition–is also beginning to turn to the only two states that will hold gubernatorial elections this year: Virginia and New Jersey. Virginia is the only state in the country in which governors cannot seek at least two consecutive … Read more …

Posted at 8:50 pm January 9, 2017, in 2017 Elections, NJ Governors, U.S. Governors

New Jersey Policy Perspective Report

A new report out today from New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP)* argues that the state’s economic future is threatened by nine key decisions made starting in the 1990s that have “starved the capacity of state government to maintain and expand the assets that give New Jersey unrivaled economic advantages.” Titled The Notorious Nine: How Key … Read more …

Posted at 5:28 pm September 14, 2016, in NJ Governors

Transportation Trust Fund

As Governor Chris Christie and the New Jersey Legislature continue to generally agree on the need to raise the state’s gas tax to revitalize the Transportation Trust Fund and disagree on how to do it, here are some memories from the Center on the American Governor archives on how it was done last time – … Read more …

Posted at 8:10 pm July 1, 2016, in NJ Governors

Governors and State Finance

As we continue to grow the Center on the American Governor’s archives, we are also thinking about how best to refine and organize this material to make it as useful as possible. While it is relatively easy to focus on one particular governor and wander through the collected interviews, forums, documents and photos, it is … Read more …

Posted at 9:20 pm May 4, 2016, in NJ Governors

Activism by Former New Jersey Governors

I don’t know whether former governors in other states get together to issue joint policy statements from time to time, but they certainly do in New Jersey. Usually focused on environmental and land use issues, Governors Brendan Byrne, Tom Kean, Jim Florio and Christine Whitman – two Democrats and two Republicans who led the state … Read more …

Posted at 2:38 pm February 18, 2016, in NJ Governors