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The 2020 Debates

Posted at 7:44 pm June 19, 2019, in 2020 Election

BlogLogoThe calendar may say 2019, but there’s little doubt that 2020 is in full swing. Indeed, the first Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential primary is just one week away. With 20 candidates qualifying, it will take place over two nights. Ten candidates will take the stage on June 26 and the other 10 the night after.

So, a question few are asking: When will the governors in the race appear?

There are three declared Democratic candidates with gubernatorial experience—two sitting governors and one former governor. One—Steve Bullock, the current governor of Montana—failed to meet the Democratic National Committee’s requirements to participate in the first debate. He will sit this one out and hope to gain sufficient support to participate in the next round in July.

The other two governors are split between the two nights. Current Washington Governor Jay Inslee will participate in the debate’s first night on Tuesday, June 26. Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will get his turn the following night.

Neither have been polling among the race’s leaders. But perhaps their experience running for and serving in executive office will serve them well as the debate series gets underway.

Of course, there is one more former governor in the 2020 race: former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has declared his candidacy in the Republican primary against incumbent President Donald Trump. He’ll have to make his case in other ways, however; it seems extremely unlikely that a Trump/Weld debate will take place.

-Kristoffer Shields