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Fast Facts Update!

Posted at 5:44 pm May 31, 2019, in 2018 Elections, U.S. Governors

2019 map newWith 36 gubernatorial races decided in 2018, there was sure to be significant turnover among the nation’s governors’ seats. Indeed, 19 new governors took over the office in 2019, bringing new backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to the office.

To account for these changes, the Eagleton Center on the American Governor has completed a full update of our Fast Facts on American Governors page, with up-to-date demographic and personal information on the nation’s governors.

In addition to the basic party breakdown, the page includes information on governors’ religion, education, political experience, and even how many children governors have (on average), and much more.

Do you know how many of the nation’s governors served in the United States Armed Forces? Or how many were born in a state other than the one they lead?

Do you know how many current governors are practicing Buddhists? Or who the oldest and youngest currently-serving governors are?

You can find the answers to these and many more questions simply by clicking here.


(Okay, I’ll give you one answer: governors average 3.00 children).


-Kristoffer Shields