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Governor Jon S. Corzine Archive

Posted at 3:43 pm July 11, 2018, in NJ Governors

Corzine_portrait_hrIt is an important day at the Eagleton Center on the American Governor as we launch a new Major Collection: The Governor Jon S. Corzine Archive. We are thrilled to be able to inaugurate this in-depth look at the Corzine administration, beginning with a timeline; staff and Cabinet personnel lists; a look at the legislature and State Supreme Court during Corzine’s tenure; and descriptions of Corzine’s executive orders, among other resources.

The centerpiece of the current archive is a video and transcript of the Corzine Opening Colloquium, featuring two panel discussions. The first considers the transition period and the building of the administration. The second takes a closer look at the construction of Corzine’s first budget and the legislative fight (and eventual government shutdown) that ensued.

This is, of course, only the beginning. The Center will be conducting interviews with members of the Corzine administration and other New Jersey officials and leaders about their experiences during Governor Corzine’s term, including multiple interviews with Governor Corzine himself. We will also hold future round-tables, colloquia and discussions on major topics of the Corzine administration. Finally, we will be adding documents and photographs to the collection that will be indispensable to future scholars and others interested in learning from the past. We welcome suggestions and comments. In particular, please let us know if you have any documents or photographs that you feel could be worthy of inclusion.

The Corzine archive joins those already constructed for Governors Byrne, Kean, Florio, and Whitman. We thank Governor Corzine and his four predecessors for their interest in creating this resource and look forward to continuing to add to the record of this important period of New Jersey history.