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Governor Murphy’s Inaugural Address

Posted at 7:48 pm January 16, 2018, in 2017 Elections, NJ Governors

On January 16, 2018, Phil Murphy became the eighth New Jerseyan since 1974 to be elected governor and deliver a first inaugural address after being sworn in. Earlier this month, the Center on the American Governor provided the text and a word cloud for each of the previous seven addresses. Now, we can see – on these admittedly superficial criteria – how Governor Murphy’s speech compares.

At 3,028 words, Murphy’s address was the longest. Sharing many of the themes of his predecessors, Murphy struck an optimistic tone while laying out his vision for the state. He also emphasized change while acknowledging the political context into which he would be stepping into office.

The full text of Governor Murphy’s address is available at Click on the word cloud below to enlarge. Words that appear once have not been included.

Murphy final









-Kristoffer Shields